Announcement: PrivacySwap’s PRV2 and PRVG sold out in 5 minutes.

3 min readNov 13, 2021

November 13th, 2021-We sold out our new tokens in just 5 minutes. Thank you, PRVArmy!

We also sold out our first token almost instantly. However, that wasn’t given enough spotlight. Nonetheless, here we are, happily sharing the same announcement again.

We never had a presale on their first token. However, we decided to hold a presale since they will transition from one ecosystem to another. We also wanted to ensure that all PRV holders would have an opportunity to convert their old tokens to new ones.

Take note that these token that we put up for presale are not actual tokens yet but are (pre) tokens, which will be convertible into their actual token counterparts (PRV2 and PRVG) at a 1:1 ration. You can swap these (pre) tokens, along with the rest of your (pre) tokens that were swapped during the first phase, on the second swapping phase from November 15th to 18th.

The presale that happened is only part of our “Great Migration.” Aside from these new tokens, there will also be new features we will offer that will bring more income to its users and attract more investors to invest in the platform.


Aside from the (pre)token presale that happened, we also includes NFT as part of its offerings. We will only mint 1500 NFTs, and the presale will happen tomorrow (November 14th,2021 0200hours GMT +8). Announcements on the final price will be done before launch.

These 1500 NFTs were divided into three tiers, silver, gold, and diamond, each with 500 NFTs. Holding these NFTs will give you rewards. If you own a silver-tiered NFT, it will grant you a 10% additional APR. Gold-tiered ones guarantee a 20% additional APR. Meanwhile, diamond-tiered NFTs will grant you a 50% additional APR as a reward.


Our first debit card will also be available for purchase on PrivacySwap 2.0. We recently announced that we had chosen a few PRVArmies (token holders) to participate in the PrivacyCard Early Access Program. This is to discover any problems that could arise on the Privacycard to be addressed before its official launch.

Your digital assets on PrivacyCard are accessible on our PrivacySwap Oracle, a system that PrivacySwap created to connect web3 wallets to any existing card solutions. Moreover, PrivacyCard will have its beta launch on November 18th, 2021.

Staking on PrivacyCard is possible thru PRVG. It is one of our two new tokens. Aside from PrivacyCard, owning PRVG will grant you the authority to participate in the platform’s feature as it is their governance token.


Though the details were not yet concrete, PrivacySwap has a plan to move into its DEX. We noticed the big earning DEX investors get while investing in the platform at a lower fee. In addition, staking into a DEX is convenient, safe, and accessible. The platform’s information regarding this DEX is not yet finalized. Nonetheless, we will update all its users thru their official websites and AMAs (Ask Me Anything).


PRVArmies can now flex their engagement with PrivacySwap through the platform’s merchandise. The platform released fantastic T-shirt designs on their social media accounts recently. They also said to host another giveaway, and these cute T-shirts will be the reward.

Wrapping it all up, the platform’s great migration will finally be complete. Watch out as our new farms with higher returns will go live this November 16th. In addition, we also have future plans that you might not want to miss out on. So, to get notified, follow us on their official websites below.

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