AMA DEXCussion: A Recap

The Roadmap

PYDEX Features

Genesis NFTs

Referral System

We continuously promotes PrivacySwap! Your small shares to your Socmed is a great help too!

Questions from the community

Q1: How about NFT only staking pool? Is there any update, or we wait for the new DEX to be out before proceeding with it? I bought too many NFTs by mistake.

Q2:With the migration to the new token, will the roadmap be delayed? Are there any changes to the roadmap, and will there still be PRV3?

Q2:What is the early unstake penalty fee structure?

Wrapping it up




Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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