Achieving PrivacySwap’s goal through Partnerships and Collaborations.

PrivacySwap will be launching its very own Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and with it, it is expanding its features to serve and provide new and better utilities for the whole community to enjoy.

The team behind PrivacySwap is tirelessly planning and making magic happen as it makes PYDEX an “all-in-one ecosystem.” To do this, PrivacySwap is reaching out to other projects and having them as partners and collaborators for a more inclusive and well-rounded ecosystem.

Partnerships and collaborations have always been a part of PrivacySwap’s goals from the beginning. PrivacySwap is expanding its services and use cases with the help of other crypto projects to provide users with utilities to choose from.

As PrivacySwap is transitioning to a DEX, it realized the importance of having more partnerships and collaborations as it means more doors open for the community to enjoy.

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Partnerships for PrivacyCards

PrivacySwap’s PrivacyCards already supports BNB Chain supported crypto projects such as ALPACA, AUTO, BNB, BTCB, BUSD, CAKE, EPS, ETH, MBOX, MDX, USDC, USDT, and XVS.

With the partnership that PrivacySwap has with these projects, users can easily transfer, convert, and use their cryptocurrency hodlings other than PYDEX to be loaded for their crypto cards.

PrivacySwap is continuously reaching out to other projects so that the PrivacyCard can support more crypto projects in the future. PrivacySwap is also aiming to support multi-chain tokens aside from BNB Chain tokens.

This provides a wider range of use cases for users who favor tokens more than the others. This way, although they have tokens supported by the Ethereum blockchain, they can still use their PrivacyCards anywhere, anytime.

This provides convenience for the users, as regardless of what crypto token they prefer, PrivacyCard will support it and will still be able to use it.

Collaborations for Cross-farming

PrivacySwap will continue reaching out to crypto projects to add farms to the PYDEX platform. With this, users can choose a variety of farms to choose from with different and competitive APR offerings. It will give them a higher yield which is one of the goals of PrivacySwap.

This benefits users as it provides them an option as to which farm to choose from that best suits their financial interests, among others.


Expanding partnerships and collaborations with other crypto projects has always been the plan of PrivacySwap from the beginning. This is because it helps PrivacySwap to expand its use cases for its users to benefit from and to entice investors to invest and grow the ever-resilient PRV community and its ecosystem.

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