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Orb’s taking another week!

It’s another week, another adventure with Orb! Woohoo! It’s a great day for another adventure to our last stops in this amazing Great Migration. This is going to be fun!

6:00 I’m thrilled, I woke up early.

“Wow, I can’t believe the trip was only for a week! How long would we have to travel if there’s…

Use your PrivacyCards anytime, anywhere!

The much-anticipated PrivacyCards are here, and they are not just your regular bank-issued debits cards; the funds are in crypto. They are not credit cards in the sense that you do not borrow the funds that you withdraw in an ATM. …

There seems to be no stopping PRV from reaching the moon!

We cannot stress this enough, the highly anticipated Great Migration is nearly here! The PRV2, the PRVG, the PrivacyCards, and all that the PRV Team has in store for the PRVArmy is fast approaching and we are up for it!

As THE day gets closer, the hype over PRV gets…

See this week’s PRV highlights!

The Cryptoverse is getting wild but we are here to tell you about PRV! The Great Migration is nearly here and we are super excited for our PRVArmy of what is coming. …

Orb here, still taking over!

This is Orb logging in! I just woke up from our hypersleep and we are about to enter the wormhole for PrivacyGames Galaxy!

8:45 I was awaken by the Captain

“Orb! wake up! we are about to enter the wormhole for the PrivacyGames Galaxy!” the Captain says while shaking me

“I’m up! I’m up! What time is…

PrivacySwap is the way to go!

PrivacySwap is the brainchild of a group of professionals in the field of cybersecurity, who understands the merit of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Its main goal is to allow users to swap their cryptocurrency safely and securely. …

Flex your PrivacyCards!

The Great Migration is getting near and we can’t wait any further for the surprises we have in store for you! The PRV Team can assure you, all will be smooth when THE day comes!

We can’t tell you all that we’re working yet, but what we can tell is…

It’s the time of the week!

A lot of exciting events happened over the cryptoverse and PRV is on everybody’s hooks! The Great Migration is getting hotter and hotter and we can’t wait for the PRVArmy to enjoy what we have in store for them. …

PrivacySwap has a new Governance Token called PRVG!

Putting Governance below a Magnifying Glass: A sharper focus.

In 2016, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) achieved success in its initial coin offering (ICO) venture, raising $100 million worth of ethers in less than two days, and was dubbed as the “largest crowdfunding project in human history”.

DAO was decentralized and Stateless. This would mean that its general operations…

The Captain is busy for the launch so Orb took over Captain’s log!

This is the Captain logging in. We are about to leave Earth and everything is as green as it can get!

09:00 It’s a high time today!

“We are about to leave earth with the PRVArmy and gaaaahhh im so excited for this venture!”

“So Captain, where will be our first stop?” asked The Operator.



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