6 ways that you can use your PrivacyCards

3 min readOct 19, 2021
Use your PrivacyCards anytime, anywhere!

The much-anticipated PrivacyCards are here, and they are not just your regular bank-issued debits cards; the funds are in crypto. They are not credit cards in the sense that you do not borrow the funds that you withdraw in an ATM. The funds that you withdraw are the value of the token that is already in your Metamask wallet.

There are a lot of applications that you explore using your debit cards. It is the most convenient way of getting funds from your crypto wallet without the need for any intermediary. Here are six (6) ways that you can use them:

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1. Buy products online

With your PrivacyCard, you can easily buy anything you like on any e-commerce platform, such as Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, and the likes. You can use your PrivacyCard like any debit card without thinking of excessive fees.

2. Withdraw funds

With your PrivacyCards, you do not need to sell your cryptocurrencies to get the funds; all you need is your PrivacyCard and an ATM nearby. With your secure pin provided by the PRVTeam, you can withdraw the funds you have in your Metamask wallet.

3. Cashless payments in establishments

Your wallet need not have cash in it to pay for a coffee or a piece of cake in a café. You can easily ask the cashier to use your PrivacyCard to pay your orders whenever and wherever you like!

4. Online Payment from utilities to tuition fees

Need to pay your electric, water, and telephone bill, but you’re busy to go to a payment center to pay them? There’s no need to worry! With your PrivacyCards, you can quickly pay your utility bills in a flash! Tuition fees? PrivacyCards can handle them!

5. Fund Transfers

Need to pay any debt or obligation? With PrivacyCards, you can do that with ease! All you need to do is to go to your Metamask account, serving as your very own mobile banking app, and transfer it to anyone with PrivacyCards! We can assure you that the transaction fee will be minimal and not put a hole in your pocket!

6. Earn through our comprehensive referral system

With your PrivacyCard, you can be eligible for our Referral System, which has three (3) layers! As you refer people to avail of our PrivacyCard, 8% of every transaction made by those you referred will be credited to you. Furthermore, if those referred refer other people, 3% of their every transaction will also be credited to your account. Lastly, when those referred by those you referred refers another, 1% of their transactions will also be credited to you.

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PrivacySwap is the answer to the debit card system, the intended bridge from crypto-fiat for all our users. With privacy at its core, PrivacyCard is the solution for users to spend their PRV and other tokens conveniently in real-world transactions everywhere. Got accumulating tokens? Let PrivacyCard translate them to usage.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours now and have the financial freedom you ever dreamed of, and swipe it anytime, anywhere!




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