4 Reasons Why Traditional Companies Jump onto The Blockchain & DeFi Bandwagon

As the world’s economy continuously strives from its downfall, investors and business owners realized how important it is to have a backup plan on salvaging their businesses. Blockchain technology became the savior to most. Today, PrivacySwap will explain why traditional companies are jumping onto the blockchain and DeFi bandwagon.

Before we start, note that this is not financial advice or professional analysis. Instead, these are things PrivacySwap experienced while building up their platform during the pandemic.

Reason 1: Achievement

The current status of cryptocurrencies is really astonishing. Still, behind the flashing lights, the whole blockchain technology experienced backlash over the past few years. Despite the obstacles, the technology has withstood all the hindrances and drawbacks. It has shown how successful people can become when they engage in crypto. Visa and Mastercard, to name a few, visualize how cryptocurrency will eventually remodel the world’s finance. Gradually, these companies started to engage with cryptocurrency to adapt to this fast progressing ecosystem.

The gradual progress of cryptocurrency had significantly attracted new users. Blockchain technology, especially DeFi, shows potential in helping traditional investors protect their information using smart contracts. To sum it up, the greater the technology achieves, the more they improve their platform to satisfy what their client needs.

Reason 2: Permissionless Solution

Crypto is known for its inclusivity. It allows anyone, even the unbanked, to create their own account and start investing with cryptocurrency. The permissionless solution crypto offers shows a great advantage to lure clients without compromising security. The team behind PrivacySwap saw this situation as an open door to further increase the ecosystem’s safety and create a platform that will provide a great source of income to every investor.

Moreover, the platform’s transparency gives extra attraction to users as it can easily access the financial transactions without compromising security and not undergoing any sort of verification.

Reason 3: Not Regulated by Government

Though it was mentioned that the whole blockchain technology is permissionless, It is still good to note the other positive things about an ecosystem that is not regulated by any government entity. Firstly the platform will not be subjected to any sort of tax. This tax-less protocol will reduce the expenditure of the platform, which makes engagement easier and amazingly cheaper. The lesser the capital, the lower the prices of their goods and services, the more attractive they will be to their respective customers.

Reason 4: Security

One of the most significant drawbacks people see on cryptocurrency is its security. People always see blockchain technology as a big SCAM. However, enthusiasts have proven how secure and profitable engaging with crypto is. Moreover, platform developers have significantly increased the security of their systems with the help of technology and smart contracts, so hacking the platform is nearly impossible.

To this end, the cybersecurity professionals behind PrivacySwap follow the same philosophy: to increase security alongside maximizing leverages of the users’ assets for a higher return. Thus, traditional investors notice the increasing protection of the whole ecosystem, which is excellent for safeguarding confidential information and maximizing their profit.


It is evident how the world progresses every day and how crypto is becoming a phenomenon worth investing in. Moreover, things such as NFT and online casinos that are all developed under the umbrella of blockchain skyrocketed and show great potential as a source of passive income. For PrivacySwap, we focus on the bigger picture: that traditional investors will join the crypto bandwagon. This is not only because it is trending but because they will see how efficient and effective crypto has become ovecr the years. That is why the team behind PrivacySwap seizes the opportunity to showcase their cybersecurity skills to create a DeFi project. A platform that will help people earn and educate everyone on how profitable it is to engage and trade with a DeFi project like them without putting their security at risk.

What do you think? Is PrivacySwap your DeFi project now? Let them know.

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