3 reasons why PrivacySwap is a great platform to invest

PrivacySwap is the way to go!

PrivacySwap is the brainchild of a group of professionals in the field of cybersecurity, who understands the merit of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Its main goal is to allow users to swap their cryptocurrency safely and securely. PrivacySwap’s intention is to amass a community of hodlers, traders, blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world in hopes of creating an environment that is conducive for the cumulative betterment of the crypto markets.

In the initial phase of PrivacySwap, we have promised to provide services in our platform that the PRVArmy could enjoy and grow their assets with. Presently, we have delivered those promises and we made sure that each of the services we offer meets your expectations.

But that does not stop there! We are continuously innovating and developing new services that would make the platform one of the greatest to consider investing in!

3 Reasons why PrivacySwap is a great platform to invest

Offers a variety of services

For the past seven (7) months of developing and innovating, aside from our very own Exchange, we have already launched Hack the Vaults, PrivacyFarms, PrivacyPools, PrivacyVaults, and the most recent one, our PrivacyCards.

There’s a lot to choose from to grow your money and more is on its way. In the seven (7) month mark, we have already offered and delivered a lot and that’s just the beginning! With our plans in mind, we can assure you that PrivacySwap is the greatest platform to invest with. It’s a promise we will uphold as we continue to grow and develop.

With just 1 PRV per key in our Hack the Vaults , you can try your luck in finding the right one and endure to be one of the three (3) remaining players. The last person who bought the key will have 40% of the Prize Pot. The 2nd and the 3rd last persons will also be entitled to 15% and 5%, respectively of the Prize Pot.

Further, our PrivacyFarms, PrivacyPools, PrivacyVaults offers a competitive APR up to 82.89% in our PrivacyVaults to a whopping 271.45% in our PrivacyFarms!

Moreover, what we are most excited about is our PrivacyCards that just rolled out for those who had an early bird registration. We are thrilled with those who shared their PRV Debit Cards in the Telegram Group Community, flexing them as they use it in their day-to-day transactions.

Easy to Navigate

Our very own platform is the easiest to navigate. The services are neatly placed on the left, the real time market price can be seen on the lower left corner, and in the upper right corner, a button for connecting your wallet is placed and nothing more. Its user friendly and easy to use, but jam-packed with innovations that would help grow your money.

Backed by a strong community

The PRVArmy is getting greater in number and stronger than ever! With each month that passes, members continue to crowd the room brought by our comprehensive referral system, awareness campaign efforts, and word of mouth marketing from our very own members.

We also provide free webinars for our members. We do this to help them further understand their financial ventures and give them assurance that what we do is intended for them. We engage with them on a day-to-day basis, answering their questions or queries regarding our latest projects and upcoming ones. We are a growing family on a thriving platform and we connect not just through social media and other means, but with our collective goals.

A promise from us!

We have delivered our promise before and we are making a new one now, a promise that we will innovate and develop more projects and engage the PRVArmy further in the years ahead. We assure that PrivacySwap is a great platform to invest your money as we grow with you. We will do everything we can just to sustain the trust that is given to us by the whole community and we will make sure that we will keep moving forward regardless of the unknown in the cryptoverse.



Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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